Useful information for newcomers

Det gamle hybelhuset - Klikk for stort bilde

Hybel interiør - Klikk for stort bilde



Kirkenes vgs has 68 student flats. They are all within a walking distance from the school.

The student flats are all furnished with access to washing machine, kitchen and wireless network.  The leasing contracts are clear and safe. House rules for the dormitory Milieu therapists are working at the student flats in the evenings and at nights.
If you would like to stay in a host family, the school will help you to find one. In a host family you will more or less be on your own. The family will help you with practical things, like getting up and sometimes meals.
Please contact Trond Remmen: trond.remmen@ffk.no if you want to apply for a room in the dormitory or a host family.
You can also rent a flat private flat. You will find advertisements in the local papers.

Scholarships and loans

Foreign students can apply for financial support. If you are a foreign citizen, you may be entitled to financial support if you meet one of the requirements listed here
Norwegian students may apply here


All students are insured in a collective joint insurance through school.


School pass

You will get a school pass. It is not an authorized identification in banks and post offices. But it will work as identification for student discount and identification.


Student counsellor and nurse


The student counsellors can help you if you need advice your education, social education, your well being in and outside school, applying for scholarship and problems with your studies.

Every Wednesday between 09.00 and 13.00 there is a nurse working at school.  If you need to see a nurse about your mental or physical health, problems at school, alcohol or drug problems, problems in your family or bulling.  The nurse has professional secrecy.  


All students can rent a Lap top at school. To rent a Lap top you need to fill out a hire contract. If a student is under 18 the hire contract needs to be sign by a parent.  When you have finished your studies you will have the right to buy the computer.